Booking / Management / Promotion / & Label Services
Cross National Talent & Media

Our Talent Resource Partnership

Merchandising & Endorsement

Connecting Talent to Digital and Physical goods for commerce and engagement provides an alternative revenue and marketing channel that can link fans to the Talents Brand, Personality, and vision.

IT Strategy

From simple websites to multi component IT solutions, crafting and management of a modern Online and/or Mobile strategy is essential to a talents success, reach, and brand.

Social Media

Centralized management of modern Social Engagement Strategies require proximity to a talents fan base via solutions such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, and more.

Legal & Business

A Talent is more than a performer, they are an institution. In Sourcing our Legal and Business resources can be critical to a talents Brand, Career, and ability to operate.


Crafting the visuals to match the Talent, our Design Services provides visual creativity and expertise for a Talents many Marketing, Promotion, and Branding needs.

Licensing & Distribution

Managing the legal rights to Talents creations and negotiating to get their content where it needs to be are central to a talents livelihood. 

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